Jan Scholten

0.3.10 Stage 10

Stage 10 could be seen as the middle of the cycle. As a centre point it is also the mirror for the stages, where Stage 1 and 17 are mirror images of each other, so are Stage 2 and 16 etc.

Summit Centre
This is the summit of the cycle, where everything has come to fruition. They have made it, they have achieved what they wanted to, they have reached the top in their career, they are the first, the best.
They are the centre of attention in all that happens. They like to be centred and they make sure that everything remains centred around the main theme. They are fully concentrated on their task.

Success Glitter
Their success makes them shine and glitter. They have won, they have become first. They can be very exuberant in their happiness, almost ecstatic.

They have made it and there is no doubt about their position now. They are secure in the knowledge that they have overcome all odds, and that nobody can take this away from them. The situation is quite clear, not a cloud on the horizon.

Independent Noble
They are very independent, lord and master in their own territory. They know what they want and what they stand for. They depend only on their own judgment. They are not easily caught off balance, not easily touched. They are noble in their behaviour, they carry out their task with dignity, unperturbed by other people.

Self confident Haughty
They are full of self confidence, they can even be quite domineering, wanting to force their will on others. They feel far above the ordinary people because they stand at the top. In the extreme this may lead to haughtiness.

Balance is their strong point: they like to balance all the components. They like all the members of a group or a project to work in balance, to form a stable core. They like to achieve stability, they make sure that everything is arranged firmly and securely. They stand firmly on the ground and give their opinion fair and square.
They are at the top of the cycle, they are the point of balance between the beginning and the end of a cycle. In this respect they are a mirror to the stages on either side. But the pivoting point also has another quality i.e. instability. Being at the top they could easily flip over to one side or the other. All sorts of minor issues can then bring them out of balance.

Fixed Rigid
Becoming too fixed in their ideas is the main danger at this stage. They have a great sense of their own worth, they think they have made it in life and this may prevent them from going along with the changes of time. Their success may become their downfall because they tend to become fixed in their situation and cease to wonder whether any adaptions or renewals might be appropriate. They stay fixed in their opinion and like to stay fixed in their position, unyielding and rigid.
This particular aspect of stage 10 is also emphasised by Sankaran in his book.

The word ‘self’ is ‘self evident’ in this stage: self confidence, self importance, self satisfied.

The metals in this Stage are the most precious. Ruthenium, Rhodium, Palladium, Argentum, Osmium, Iridium, Platinum, Aurum and Mercurius are usually all called precious metals. They don’t react with other chemicals very easily and they appear in nature in their pure form. These metals shine and glitter. Diamonds also glitter, so does quartz.
All elements in this stage are hard and unyielding. Diamond, which is a form of Carbon, is the hardest material on earth. Platinum is very difficult to bend too. The electric charge of the ions of these metals is +4, which can be seen as the reason for their stability. When they form a bond with other elements they share their electrons in equal proportions. Chains are also easily formed.

DD Stage 9: is still uncertain whether everything will turn out all right. In Stage 10 success is assured, they don’t have to do anything for it to happen, they just have to be there.
DD Self-confidence: Stage 10 is the most self confident, there is no doubt about their abilities. We see this, to a lesser degree, in all precious metals, in stages 8,9,11,12 and 13.