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Year 2021, Issue 1, Article 1Author: Jan Scholten

Editorial Phase 7 is a very special state of being. Most politicians have an aspect o it. As the ability to lie with a blank face seems to be essential to be a politician. At first sight that looks like a contradiction. At second sight it has a logical aspect. To keep...

Nemophila maculata

Year 2021, Issue 1, Article 2Author: Martin Jakob

Nemophila remedy Woman, thyroid hyperfunction She has a thyroid adenoma with hyperfunction of the thyroid. She invites patients to her home for psychotherapy, without asking money, expecting them to pay by themselves. Her space gets occupied by patients. She is...

Ehretia resinosa

Year 2021, Issue 1, Article 3Author: Martin Jakob

Ehretia resinosa A woman 37 years old, I had already successfully treated her for her recurrent bile colic with a Gentiana remedy. She has been suffering from Crohn’s disease for 27 years. With the Gentiara remedy, her bile colics have disappeared, and her Crohn has...

Echium vulgare

Year 2021, Issue 1, Article 4Author: Martin Jakob

Echium vulgare She comes with fatigue, tiredness and headache. Husband very busy, so feels not seen by him. So they had a lot of quarrels. She felt not understood about what she was talking about. She wants to prove to her husband that she is clever and understands...

Echium wildpretii

Year 2021, Issue 1, Article 5Author: Jan Scholten

Echium wildpretii Woman, 60, breast cancer, multiple sclerosis. She has multiple sclerosis for 10 years. She walking problems. Her eyes are painful and she has diplopia, her color vision is diminished. She feel tingling in her arms and hands, as if ants are crawling...

Moltkia petraea

Year 2021, Issue 1, Article 6Author: Jan Scholten

Moltkia petraea Woman, 30, cystitis. She has recurrent bladder infections. She has herpes. She is depressed, not satisfied. She is divorced, because he was never seeing what she needed or longed for. She felt never heard by him. They had made a farm together. In the...

Phacelia tanacetifolia

Year 2021, Issue 1, Article 7Author: Olga Fatoula

Phacelia remedy A girl, 20 years old. First consultation, July 2016 She was treated by a number of homeopaths from various schools; and she had about 30 different prescriptions over 15 years. Chief complaint: “Dryness in the eyes. It is permanent. It is a big problem,...


Year 2020, Issue 99, Article 2Author: Jan Scholten

A case of Lithopsoideae Woman, 50, tongue cancer. She has had tongue cancer and part of her tongue is removed. She talk like she's got a mouth full. She has unrefreshed sleep. Her nose is blocked. She cannot smell coffee. Forgetful. Tired in the head and the brain...


Year 2020, Issue 11, Article 1Author: Jan Scholten

Editorial It is always wonderful to see the effects of good homeopathic prescriptions. And the more precise the prescription the deeper the effect. I think this has been my journey in homeopathy: to discover more remedies so that the prescriptions become more precise...

Sorghum bicolor

Year 2020, Issue 11, Article 2Author: Thomas Vyboch

Sorghum remedy, 633.24.08 Man, 30y, disc prolapse. He has a backache for two years. The pain is constant. Everything started after he had a problem with family from which he comes from. His father started drink too much alcohol, mother has problems at work and he...

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