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Year 2020, Issue 4, Article 1Author: Jan Scholten

Dear member of Qjure In this issue of the Journal Qjure you will find very nice case with Lanthanide remedies. The Lanthanides are such great remedies that I ask myself how we ever could have done without them. Of course we did without them, but then the patients...

Cerium muriaticum

Year 2020, Issue 4, Article 2Author: Elaine Smith

Boy, 2 years old, worries and fears Since birth, he often looks worried. During the pregnancy his mother would get brief spells of a feeling of dread. This would happen about 10 times per day, and last only 15 seconds. Also, during the pregnancy there was a scare when...

Erbium bromatum

Year 2020, Issue 4, Article 3Author: Pavol Tibensky

Erbium bromatum case Ondrej, 17 years old boy, first time visited me in 2007 for some psychical problems. He was accompanied with his father, director of county bank. He has sleeping troubles, is very restless during whole night, and sleeps 2 - 3 hours only. - I have...

Erbium sulphuricum

Year 2020, Issue 4, Article 4Author: Pavol Tibensky

Case of dermatomyositis Pavol Tibensky 50 years old man, civil servant, suffers from dermatomyositis. His troubles began after divorcing. Disease developed during last year 2004. He lost 15 kilos, mostly at pelvic and pectoral girdle. His skin is almost everywhere...

Praseodymium oxydatum

Year 2020, Issue 4, Article 5Author: Jan Scholten

Man, 50, ulcerative colitis. Man with thick big glasses, bald, about 50 years old. He is the shopkeeper in The Hague who furnishes, nice shop with special furniture. His wife is a painter, you see a painting of his wife in the back. Has had the colitis for 25 years....

Erbium metallicum

Year 2020, Issue 4, Article 6Author: Valu00e9ria Militu00e3o da Silva

Case by Valéria Militão da Silva Man, 50. The patient tells: I was going through a very difficult moment, with many losses, professional and financial, difficulties, family issues, health problems, and more. It was a moment of so many changes and detachments. I was...

Dysprosium silicatum

Year 2020, Issue 4, Article 7Author: Christina Ari

Overtaxed by quarrels in the family Dysprosium Silicicum Author: Christina Ari Summary: The comparison of the anamnesis of three generations of women from one family suggests a common cause for a profound systemic conflict and leads to a common remedy: Dysprosium...

Terbium carbonicum

Year 2020, Issue 4, Article 8Author: Riek Taekema

Case by Riek Taekema Man, 76 years old. He has grey style hair, clear separation, slightly longer than usual at that age, well groomed ring-beard, friendly. For years sometimes one day a lot of snouts, then muzzle two packs of handkerchiefs full. Also sometimes at...


Year 2020, Issue 3, Article 1Author: Jan Scholten

Editorial Dear member of Qjure In this issue of the Journal Qjure you will find some very nice articles about the theory of homeopathy. There are several articles on The other song and the sensation method. These development by Rajan Sankaran have been proven very...


Year 2020, Issue 3, Article 3Author: Anne Schadde

Homeopathy on hold for a paradigm shift What is a paradigm? Jörg Wichmann writes in his article "Beyond the Evidence Trap": "A paradigm is a set of ideological principles and views on which a conception of the world or a science is based. Paradigms have evolved...

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