Jan Scholten

0.9.06 Stage 6. Proving

This is the challenge. One has to do things, prove one’s power. One is forced to act, it is inevitable and inescapable. It has to be done, the bridges are burnt behind him. It takes courage and bravery, in the extreme, it is the daredevil. The fear of a possible failure can make him do his act alone, covered and secretive.

They finally take up the challenge. No more hesitation, they want to take the bull by the horns. They love challenges and even go looking for them.

They are daredevils. They will put everything at risk if needed. They would rather accept a challenge and fail than run away from it. So they will go for it and see what happens.

They have a great need to prove themselves, to show what they can do. If someone challenges them they feel an even greater urge to do it. They have to convince themselves and others that they can do it.

This is the theme of the initiation, the fire walk. It is not just a trial exercise but the real thing. They are being thrown into the deep and it is up to them to prove that they can swim.

They do suffer from anticipatory fears. They are afraid that the task is too much for them. There is a part of them that would like to give up but they know that such an attitude will not get them anywhere. They simply have to start their project, it is inevitable. And they would rather go for this adventure and take the risk than stay behind and do nothing. They like challenges and adventures.

They are rather afraid of this initiation and would really like to avoid the whole thing. But they know that there is no way out, they have to go through it. They have to force themselves to do it in order to overcome their fears. They either force themselves, authorising themselves to undertake the task, or they manoeuvre themselves into such a position that it looks as if others are forcing them to do it.

Because they have not proved what they are capable of doing yet, they do not like to show themselves in public. They first want to know for themselves that they can do i, before they will show it to others. They do not want to talk about it until they have passed their test. On the other hand they like some witnesses to be there to confirm that they have indeed passed the test.

Danger, challenge.
Courage, brave.
Hidden, secretive, tight, tough.

DD Stage 5: is more inclined to get stuck in preparations and delaying tactics. In stage 6 it is no longer possible to delay things, the project has to be started.
DD Stage 2 (hiding).