Jan Scholten

Mind versus matter
In normal medicine man (and all other living beings) are seen as machines. When a heart does not function well it is then replaced with a new one, just like one replaces a battery in a car when it is not functioning well anymore. The mind and emotions are seen as just a side effect of the brain and hormones. It goes as far to say that the mind doesn't really exist, or that computers will develop conscience when they become complicated enough.
The problem is that it leads to contradictions. The first is that humans perceive their emotions and thoughts as something real, not as just a side effect of their brain. The second problem is that emotions influence the body often more than the other way around. The mind seems to be primary. This is obvious in all kinds of designs. The design of a car is primary to its existence.

Homeopathic medicines are often disqualified as "there nothing in them", and in a way that's true, there is nothing, no-thing, in them. There are no chemical substances in them. Here we meet again the discrepancy between conventional medicine and homeopathy. Conventional medicine thinks and limits itself to matter, the physical body. Homeopathy includes in its vision the mind, with all its aspects. In medicines it is the same. It is not the matter that matters, but the information. In the process of potentizing, the homeopathic way of producing medicines, the substance is left out and the information of the substance is kept. Homeopathic medicines can be compared with music CDs: the music can nowhere be found chemically. All music CDs are chemically alike, whatever the music on them. In chemical analysis only the carrier is analyzed and for every kind of music it is the same. The information though is the most important factor and that has to be analyzed in a different way. In the case of music CD's, one can analyze the information with a CD player. In the case of homeopathic medicines the information can be "read" by living beings. How? We do not know.


mind vs. matter, quantum physics
maybe also see late David Bohm (youtube or books), Professor of Physics, whom Einstein referred to as his "spiritual son" and the Dalai Lama called him "one of my scientific gurus". Bohm speaks about the wholeness of the universe that has an implicate (non-material) and an explicate (material) order, where the implicate is primary or more fundamental. It's really quite interesting to have a look at homeopathy through his quantum physics ideas.