Jan Scholten


Kingdoms is the combination of all remedies, a combination of all kingdoms. The symptoms are very general, a combination of symptoms that all remedies have. It has also been called the Blank remedy, meaning, a remedy with no specifics.
There symptoms form the Disease syndrome, symptoms that every disease can produce at at a certain level of development.
There symptoms form the Dissociation syndrome, symptoms that arise from being absorbed in the disease and absent in the reality, the here and now.
The kingdoms give a very good differential diagnosis. Often this can be straightforward but in many cases the differentiation is less clear. Patients often have aspects of more than one kingdom.

In general one can see that near the poles the Mineral kingdom is the most prominent and near the equator the Animal kingdom, with the Plant kingdom in between.

1. Minerals, including radiations.
2. Bacteria, including viruses.
3. Plants, including Fungi.
4 Animals.
5. Humans.

Top of the tree
The chapter Kingdoms is on the top of the tree of all remedies and groups of remedies. The top of the other tree is Theory, form where one can find all other topics.