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A Solanaceae remedy
Woman, 24, depression.
Her mother is suicidal and has done a suicide attempt three times. When she was 6 she saw her mother after such an attempt in blood.
She is very depressed, suicidal herself, one time jumped out of a car in an impulse. Then she was hospitalised. She has gone in and out of psychiatric hospitals and used many drugs. She has manic aspects. She live is a protected living arrangement.
Her father predicted doomsday form religious ideas.
She can speak very well about herself, is very reflective.
She has done psychotherapy for more than 10 years.
She is very soft.

Silver series: father predicted doomsday form religious ideas.
Phase 1: impulsive; manic.
Stage 15: doomsday, suicidal.

Follow up
Her panic attacks have become much less, her fears and impulses are much better, she is more clam, the heaviness is gone. She can go into the village. Her feeling to have to cry and break out, run away is gone. She is much less alone. She feels 55% better.