Jan Scholten

2.6.16 Stage 16: Ytterbium
The Slave of Omphale.
Heracles goes on doing many deeds as a hero. He also attends an archery contest, where the prize is Iole, daughter of king Eurytus. Heracles triumphs but is refused Iole. In his anger he kills Iphitus, the son of Eurytes. He wants to be purified and goes to the oracle of Delphi. The Pythia refuses to answer him, so he takes away her tripod. Apollo is angry about this and in the end Zeus intervenes. The oracle condemns Heracles to a year of slavery. Omphale, queen of Lydia, buys him. Heracles lives there, softened with pleasures and dressed in long robes, spinning wool, at the feet of his mistress. Even in this position he does many great deeds such as killing serpents and cruel people, etcetera.
This is like a kind of relaxing time. Although Heracles is the slave of Omphale, he doesn't have to do much and has a nice time with Omphale. This is typical for Stage 16: relaxing, resting after the work has been done. It's the Stage of reconciliation.