Jan Scholten

Uranium series

Theme: between life and death, disasters; destruction, fragmentation.
Theme: intuition, clairvoyance; magic, invisible power.

The basic theme is being at the edge of death, between life and death. This is a normal situation in old age. It can become prominent in earlier ages when disasters are happening like earthquakes and floods. Local disasters like accidents and loss of relatives and parents can induce the same state.
Being half on the other side gives a heightened experience of the other side in the form of intuition and clairvoyance.

These people are a type of magus. They know how to reach their goals using pure intention. It is the shaman or the profit, who influences the course of history from behind the stage. They are people like Merlin or Rasputin.

Invisible power
They uses invisible sources of power and they work in secret, unbeknown to most of humanity. They know how to harness the hidden knowledge and wisdom buried deep within the subconscious.

World Universe
The terrain in which they do their work is no longer limited to villages, towns or countries. They focus on the whole world, on the entire universe even. The themes belonging to this series are those of the supernations, the USA, USSR, China, India, the EEC and even more so: the United Nations.

The sense belonging to this series is the so called sixth sense or intuition. They are often clairvoyant, clairaudient or clairsentient.

Old age
This is the stage of real old age. These people have gradually withdrawn from the everyday processes of the society.

Near death experiences.
Detoriation, disintegration, devastation, decomposition, fragile, broken glass, in 1000 pieces, chaos.
Old, old age.
Very intelligent, precocious.
Altruism, intuition, clairvoyance
Very energetic, or fatigue, lethargy; powerful, powerless.
Family breakdown, accidents, suicide, drugs, psychopathology.
Life and death.
Intuition, magic, miracle.
Abuse between generations and cultural, immoral.
Educated by grand parents.

Desires: pork, raw meat, blood, ham, fat.
Physical: <<< radio activity.

Pathologies heavy and invalidating, genetical, cancer.
Virus infections, AIDS.
Genetic defects, congenital diseases.
Affections of the bone marrow, leukaemia.