Jan Scholten

2.7.15 Stage 15, Thulium: the killing of the suitors
The next day there is a party in the palace with all the suitors. Penelope enters the palace hall and tells everyone her decision of the contest using Odysseus' bow. The one who can shoot an arrow through the 12 axe-heads can marry her. The suitors try to shoot the arrow, but none of them is able to stretch the bow. Then Odysseus asks permission for a try. The suitors don’t give permission, but Penelope tells them to let him go ahead, she won’t marry him anyhow, but will only give him gifts in case he succeeds. Odysseus takes the bow and stretches it with ease and shoots an arrow through all the 12 axe-heads. Then the fight with the suitors starts. Odysseus and Telemachus kill all the suitors with the exception of the minstrel Phemios and the herald Medon. They hang the bodies outside the palace in the trees.
The killing of the suitors is symbolic for the killing of the illegitimate personalities. Personalities in the psyche try to take over the role of the true self. The killing of the suitors is symbolic of not letting personalities take over the mind.
After being killed the various personalities go to Hades, another symbol for Thulium.