Jan Scholten

Terminalia chebula

Cheerfulness, gaiety, happiness, alternating with sadness.
Dreams: many.
Dullness, sluggishness, < fever, during.
Indifference, apathy, < sadness, with <- work.
Sadness, despondency, depression, melancholy, < morning.
Single minded.

Sensation: burning.
Weather: < hot sun rays, > cold bathing, > cold air evening.
Sweat: << stool.
Time: < morning 9-10 am, evening.
Desire: thirst, cold water.
Food: > eating.
Sleep: >; constant yawning.
Physical: < hard pressure; < motion, > closing eyes.

General: astringent; dropsy.
Vertigo: starts in occiput, extending right side, < hot sun, < hard pressure; < motion > cold bathing, > cold air evening, > eating, > closing eyes.
Mouth: profuse salivation; gums swollen, hard; foetid odour; tongue: flabby, dry; tip covered brown.
Chest: intense pain, pressing, right.
Stomach: burning; belching, constant, acid, empty, foetid, < morning.
Abdomen: pain with weakness; pain in the region of liver > external pressure; flatulence.
Rectum: itching, pressing, full sensation; constipation, stool hard, scanty, yellowish; urging frequent, ineffectual; diarrhoea, dysentery; stool liquid, scanty, with mucus; urge frequent ineffectual; haemorrhoids.
Back: ache itching, < sitting, > sleep, > rest, > lying in bed; neck pain; intense pain in right loin; elephantiasis.
Skin: diseases.