Jan Scholten



Stage 16 Silicon series

Loss Decay Relationships
Living on reserves Family
Expectation Hope Other You
Memory Fantasy Love Hate
Indifferent Lazy Communication
Neglect Language Learning
Seducing Tempting Presentation Game
Used up Rotting Teenager
Home neighbourhood

Seduced into a relationship: partner.
Deepening of a relationship: marriage.
Expecting everything from a relationship: partner.
Fear of losing oneself in the relationship.
Hoping the other person will love you.
Seduced by love: happiness, satisfaction.
Seduced into a relationship: aesthetics.
Seduction through presentation: clothes.
Loss of presentation: ugly.
Living on a relationship: selfishness.
Demanding from relations.
Indifference towards relations.
neglecting relations: selfish.
Lazy in relationships.
A game of fantasy: theorising.
Neglected by their relations: jealousy.
Loss of friends.
Living on old family values.
Loss of family: arranged marriage.
Loss of parental home: arranged marriage.
Deepening of knowledge through conversations.


'Phylum' of Sulphur
Could you please explain why sulphur has been assigned a 'phylum' (i.e. 2nd digit) = 2, given that sulphur, as an element, is located plainly (and only) in the 3rd row, or silicon series - the latter condition being reflected in the following (i.e. 3rd + 4th) digits - they both = 3.
'Phylum' of Sulphur
The above query was thankfully answered during Jan Scholten's Munich Seminar in March this year. The '2' in question does NOT correspond to any series, or period, of the Periodic System. It does represent, however, an additional 'layer' or subclassification within the Mineral Kingdom; this 2nd digit being a measure of the degree of complexity of the mineral. Thus, single elements are given lower-number digits (in this particular position of the remedy code) than, say, hormones. Thanks, Jan !!!