Jan Scholten


Essence: seduction of relations: partner.

Seducing into a relationship: partner
They feel they have a right to have a relationship, but although this right used to be taken for granted they are now in a state where they have to do something for it. They have to ask for it or seduce the other person into agreeing to give them their love.

Seduced into love: marriage
The most typical situation is that of two people who are married. They have a mutual understanding of giving and taking, which has to be balanced. If it isn’t, they get into problems because one of them lives too much on the efforts of the other, or one expects too much of the other.

Seduced into a relationship
One method to get someone to start a relationship with you is to try and seduce him or her. So they start to give the other person little presents, flowers, jewels, perfume etc. These presents are usually things that will make their loved one feel even more beautiful. They hope that this will put them into a good mood and make them consider starting a relationship.

Seducing through appearance: clothes.
Another possibility is that they start to pay a lot of attention to their appearance, dressing up in beautiful clothes and parading in front of their loved one to try and impress them. They love beauty and harmony and order, beautiful colours and nice smells, flowers and perfumes. They hate ugliness and things that smell bad: these literally revolt them.
Love and beauty have always been linked, as for instance in the Goddess Venus and in sayings like: ‘Cherishing beauty is the key to opening the heart’ and ‘Beauty is inseparable from love’ (Tulku).

Seduced by love
They like parties and dancing, places where it is easy to make contact. But on a general level they like the atmosphere of happiness and festivities. They enjoy having an amiable and peaceful atmosphere around them, wherein love and harmony can develop and blossom. They may act as a benefactor, helping others with love.
Indifferent towards relations
The other side of the coin is that they may neglect their relationship. They feel it is fine the way it is and they don’t have to make any effort to maintain or improve it. They become lazy and indifferent, the time they bought little presents is long gone and they don’t care about their appearance anymore. They simply don’t understand that their partner would like some attention from time to time. It is difficult for them to give love the place it deserves. They become self centred and expect their partner to make all the effort. They can be so self satisfied that they even like their own slovenly appearance. This is found in the well known rubric: ‘delusion old rags are beautiful’.

Neglected in the relationship: jealousy
But they get very jealous if their partner starts to go somewhere else to try and get some love. They feel they have a right to receive all the love their partner has to give. They sometimes even get jealous before there is any hint of their partner looking for someone else. Any contact between their partner and another person is seen as a threat. A glance at a beautiful man or woman, a meaningful look is enough to send them into a fit of jealousy. They start to claim their partner for themselves and in extreme circumstances forbid him or her to talk to anyone else.

Loss of presentation: ugly
The jealousy gets stronger the more they feel they are not so attractive anymore themselves. A mere trifle, like a little wart on the face or a stain on their suit can make them think they are not attractive anymore. Or they may feel in general that they have lost their looks and they are just plain ugly nowadays.

Loss of loss
If they have lost a loved one, either by their own selfish behaviour, or through other circumstances, they feel terribly alone. They may feel that they were not meant to have a happy love life and feel hopeless of ever getting it again. Or they are so disappointed that they feel abused and decide to spend the rest of their life alone. They begin to neglect themselves, becoming too lazy to bathe and take care of their body and their clothes. If nobody loves them anyway they’ll show them what real slovenliness looks like. It ends in dirt, disorder and chaos.

A game of fantasy: theorising
They are inclined to fantasise about life. How it works and what people do and why. They like pondering about all sorts of things, their family, friends, loved ones etc. But their ponderings have a slightly nostalgic tinge. They like to think about how it used to be and how it could have been. Sometimes their fantasies run away with them and they lose all sense of reality. But they can also philosophise about elemental issues and try to increase their knowledge by deep conversations.

Loss of family: arranged marriage
We can also see a marriage as a loss of the parental home and family. A distance is created between yourself and your own family. It is a form of letting go of the old, in order to be accepted into the new family of your partner.
Fears: heights, poverty, ugliness, dirt.
Dreams: clothes, partner, marriage; nightmares < lying on the back.
Mood: hasty, impatient, indifferent, gloomy.
Causes: loss of loved ones, friends or relations, insults, humiliation, shame.

Locality: left !!.
Weather: warm, < heat, > open air; hot flushes.
Perspiration: easy, < exertion. Stinking.
Time: < 5 am.
Desires: sweet !!, alcohol, fruit, fat, fried, spices, sour, cold drinks.
Aversion: egg, bread, sour.
Food: < sweet, sugar, alcohol, egg, pepper.
Sleep: deep: frequent waking; < sleeping late; snoring.
Physical: <- bathing.

Discharges creamy, yellow, stinking of rotten eggs (the smell of rotten eggs is chemically caused by hydrogen sulphide).
Burning !! pains. Full, heavy, pulsating feelings.
Infections around orifices like mouth, ears, nose, anus, urethra, with itching and burning.
Heart and vascular diseases. Varicose veins, heavy legs. Haemorrhages and haematoma.
Diarrhoea. Diabetes.
Skin: inflammations with yellow pus.
DD Silicon series, Stage 16, Hyoscyamus, Lachesis.
DD Phosphorus: wants to make contact with many people on a more superficial level. Sulphur likes to have a deeper contact with fewer people or with one person, as in a marriage.