Jan Scholten

Subphase 5

Subphase 5 feel ssettled in the group. Their place is secure but they feel that there must be more than just the system. They want to expand the possibilities and make the relationships in the system more rewarding. For them the system should not only survive but also bring benefits to its members. Members of the group should grow, receive respect and love, so that they can enjoy the group. They often have a strong driving force that tries to make everyone in the group feel happy and feel like a member of the group. They want everyone to grow and develop.
Sometimes they experience the group as limiting. That can lead to an expansion of their actions to outside of the group. They have the feeling that the group is okay but is not everything. There is more than just their system. There is more in the world to enjoy. Actions outside, in the world, are not seen as contradictory to those of the group but beneficial for the group.

They are often very enthusiastic people. They are expressive, lively, friendly and cheerful. The problem can be that they want too much, too much from themselves and from the others in the group. They can get exhausted from their drive and from their own actions. They can drive other members of the group mad with all their plans. It is if it is never enough, there always has to be more.
They have a desire to make pleasure, to make a feast, to sing and dance. They like luxury and exuberance. They are optimistic.

They are very communicative. Usually they are very active. But when their plans are too often thwarted they develop a kind of hatred. They can become quite angry when they feel limited in their plans.

They can have the feeling that they are half in something. They feel part of the group but there must be more than that. They want to stay with the group but also want to explore more in life. They feel that they have to give part of themselves to stay accepted.
They want to “live big”.

Expansive decisions, boasting.
Expansive thoughts.
Expansive emotions, enthusiast.
Explosive, light.
Passionate to get things done.
Winner, competitive.

General: cancer; congestion.
Heart: arteriosclerosis; angina pectoris.

Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Stage 11 till 15.
It has very much in common with Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Stage 11 till 15.

Tropical; big.
Attractive flowers.