Jan Scholten

Subphase 4

Subphase 4 feels settled in the group. Their position is fixed and stable. They often have a central position in the group and can also be the leader. This expresses itself as a kind of calmness, stability, slowness and quietness. They can be very expressive and loud but more often they are quietly taking their position. They don’t have to prove themselves. Things are obvious.

They feel settled in the group and feel they are in the right position. They feel responsible for the group, for the maintenance of the system. They work a lot for the survival of the system. They are very loyal to the group.

The extreme can lead to a kind of rigidity. The rules of the group have to be followed and there are things that have to be done. They do that themselves but expect similar behaviour from the rest of the group. This can lead to a kind of domineering behaviour, in the extreme, even dictatorial.

They are shocked when the system fails or gets destroyed. They feel shocked when the rules are not obeyed or when members of the group are betraying or do things to the disadvantage of the group. That kind of behaviour is unthinkable for them, they cannot imagine people doing that. In extreme cases they can become quite aggressive about such behaviour.

They feel stable in the group. They feel central and it is perfect the way they are in the group. They are the ones that keep the group stable and take the responsibility for it. They have a tendency to take much space. Sometimes they take too much space, so that there is too little left for the others.

Grounding, being grounded.
Quiet, stable, balanced, waiting, positive; seldom angry, not even inside.

Carbon, Silicon, Stage 10
It has a great deal in common with Carbon, Silicon and Stage 10.

Physical: >< exertion; < stooping.

Trees, big.
Flowers often small, wind pollination.
Contain silica bodies.