Jan Scholten

Stage 9

The final sprint
They are getting ready for the final test, it is the last run up to reach the summit. The crown is within reach now.

The time of harvest has come. Success is in sight. The outside world can see this too. Years of preparations and hard work are about to be rewarded.

Final presentation
They are ready to present themselves to receive the award. They look forward to being the centre of attention in their success. They know the time has come because they have the capabilities and the experience to round this off successfully.

Finishing touches
All they have to do now is to add some finishing touches to their project, the final details to round it off. They have learned everything there was to learn, done everything that needed to be done, the only thing they haven’t got yet is recognition. And they need recognition of the fact that they have succeeded. They need a signature under the contract, a diploma to say they have passed the exam.

They would like to put it to the test once more, to see if their are any minor faults that need to be corrected. It is like a final rehearsal or the proof reading of a book.

But there is still a nagging doubt whether they will succeed. Will it all go well or will there be some unforeseen circumstances that might result in failure? In spite of the fact that completion is now a mere formality, they are still afraid that something will go wrong, that they might commit a terrible blunder, that all the work of all those years will have been for nothing.

Not quite
If they get stuck in this phase they never quite reach the summit. They nearly make it and right at the end there is always something that goes wrong. So they always just miss the completion, the crowning. This can cause them to feel hurried, as if they ‘quickly’ have to get through this last bit, then at least nothing can go wrong anymore.They are always second, never quite win the first prize. They frequently use the word ‘really’, as if they really deserve to get something, but never quite get there.

Calling it off
Because of their fear of committing some blunder, they are inclined to call the whole thing off at the last moment. They go through every single stage of setting things up and practising it and perfecting it and at the very end they call it off. After the final rehearsal they cancel the official opening of the show, a day before the wedding they call it off, an hour before their exams they decide not to turn up, just before the opening of their new business they decide not to go ahead with it.

The mood of this stage is ‘upwards’, the last little push up to the top: climbing up, working up to, leading up to, hurrying up, doing up, polishing up.

DD Stage 8: has the feeling that they still have to get through an awful lot of work. In Stage 9 it is only a matter of adding the finishing touches.