Jan Scholten

0.9.12 Stage 12. Overdoing

The power is exerted to the utmost, is overdone like a tyrant. One has still full power but feels threatened from all directions. Suspicious of betrayal and attack, one defends the power in an exaggerated way. It is overdone, leading to opposition. It is too much of a good thing: overshooting, overdoing, overstating and boasting. The conservative one rules by division, defending against revolution and decline.

Overshooting, Overpowering
These people like to maintain what they have achieved but they go too far in trying to hold on to it. They have all sorts of plans to keep things as they are and there is no stopping them. They are very conservative in their outlook and as long as everything is going according to the old plans and routines they feel fine. They will immediately vote against change of any form or description. They do not really listen to others and if they do it is only to pick up ideas that they can later use in their own schemes.
It is like a farmer who has noticed that manure is good for his crops, so he thinks more manure will be even better and lots and lots of manure will undoubtedly be the best.

They have a tendency to exaggerate. They are so caught up in their own visions that they are unable to see anybody else's view of the situation. So they tend to dramatise and get things totally out of proportion. They dream that the brakes of their vehicle are failing, an expression of the sense that they cannot stop.

They like to repeat successful actions of the past. If things worked in the past they will no doubt work in the future too. They fail to look deeper into the present situation to see if there are any changes that require a different approach. They copy their actions of the past without thinking.

This endless repetition can lead to a pollution of the environment. The copies keep piling up, they have become useless. Or they get used and discarded in an endless cycle of fruitless activity, where nobody bothers to look into the value of the whole process, ‘it is cheap and easy, so just carry on’.

Decline Decay Division
This is the stage where decay is just around the corner. People are picking holes in their achievements, the business threatens to fall apart. They do what they can to save the situation but there is no getting away from the fact that everything is disintegrating all around them.

They are beginning to meet opposition from other people who like to do things differently. Their power is being threatened. They will give the impression that they are allowing others to have their say. But in reality this is no more than a false promise because they keep on making the final decisions themselves, they do not give their power away at all. This is the stage of suspicion, everybody could be their enemy. They try and prevent this threat by sowing dissonance amongst their competitors: ‘Divide and Rule’. Manipulation, bribery and corruption are the only methods left to keep some sort of control over matters.

They can be disappointed easily. They have had it all and are in danger of losing. But they can also be disappointed after achieving their goal with the feeling that it has not been what they expected. They can have the feeling “Was that all, was it worth working so hard for it ?”.

The prefix of this stage is re-: they try to recapture, restore, repeat, remake, rebuild, recall.

Tyrant, tyrannical; dictator.
Miasm: diphtheria; cancer.

DD: Stage 11 does not really feel there is any threat from the outside world, he only has to take care of what he has built up. Stage 12 is the time where the outside world starts to pose a threat to his achievements. He is being attacked from all sides.