Jan Scholten

Stage 11

Holding on
The theme is holding on to that which has been achieved. They have a great sense of responsibility, more than the other metals. They tend to be rather conservative and rigid in their control, they don’t discuss matters, they simply want to keep things as they are. They want to hold on to the things they have achieved, and they also like to hold on to the methods by which they have been achieved.

It is quite an effort for them to maintain their position. It is as if they have taken over their position from someone else, as if they haven’t achieved it by themselves, but it is up to them to keep it going.

They try to preserve what is there, to hold on to the stock that has been built up over the years. Or they might feel that it is up to them to stock up, like the Pharaohs in Egypt who had to stock up in the 7 years of abundance to provide for the 7 years of poverty.

They try to protect their own achievements, but they also feel protective towards other people. Here we see their strong sense of responsibility coming out.

Possessions Wealth
Because they have built up their possessions over the years they tend to be quite wealthy. This state of wealth creates a feeling of stability and peace.

Enjoyment Privileged
They are able really to enjoy what they have achieved. They look back with satisfaction over the years of success. They know how to enjoy their success and to appreciate the good things it has brought them.

They can also have the feeling that they have to expand their success, not so much in the sense of making it even bigger, but more in the sense of making everything a part of it. They like others to be a part of it, they like to share their wealth. They don’t suffer from feelings of suspicion or animosity towards others.

There is no particular prefix for this stage. The general sense is: ruling, guarding, maintaining, keeping, protecting.

Signature: electricity and heat conductors
The elements that belong to this stage are the best conductors of both electricity and heat. Electricity and heat quickly spread throughout these metals. Copper, gold and silver have always been used as a means of payment: they are metals that keep their value.

DD Stage 1: has a feeling that everything is all right as it is. No effort is needed to hold on to the situation, everything happens by itself. But stage 11 has the feeling that they have to exert themselves to maintain the present situation.
DD Nitrogen and Phosphorus: In Nitrogen and Phosphorus we see a mixture of the feelings of Stage 11 through to 15. They also have the theme of expansion. But they are most similar to Stage 15.