Jan Scholten


We know only Sarsaparilla, Smilax officinalis in homeopathy quite well.
The Subphase 2 makes them feel that their relationship is real but one has to fight for it. If one chooses for one person, another will feel offended and exclude them.
The major conflict is between being dependent and love. They can be dependent on their parents, who disapprove of their love relationship. They can be dependent on their husband or wife, so how can that be love. They can feel dependent on their friends whom disapprove of their love. The can depend on their love and thus have to leave their family and parents.
In all cases there is a strong theme of hanging on to some people, some situation but not being able to really rely on it. It feels that giving and taking is out of balance, that it will always be a fight. It feels that it will never be just peace. It feels that it will never be a normal, warm and loving situation in the family.

Love, unfulfilled, tragic, secret love, Romeo and Juliet.
Conflict between mortal and immortal, the love of a mortal with an immortal.
Desire to be attractive.
Fight with husband, < no desire for sex, after divorce.
Aversion: guilt, debt, lack of love.
Feels limited, restricted, by children, work, household, pregnancy.
Delusion: friendless, does a lot to keep friends, < being unattractive.
Fear: alone, friendless, divorced; disease, death; not being accepted < parents divorced.
Despondent, sensitive, easily offended, ill humoured and taciturn.
Dreams: amorous; accidents; disaster; riots; misfortune; casualties; dead bodies, relatives; animals, spiders.

Food: < alcohol, < coffee.
Aversion: onion.
Physical: < urinating, < yawning, < before menses.

Head: headache, dim sight, prostration, vertigo.
Lungs: asthma, pneumonia.
Heart: angina, arteriosclerosis.
Abdomen: rumbling, fermentation; colic.
Rectum: flatus; diarrhoea; cholera.
Urinary: cystitis.
Male: emissions; syphilis.
Female: menses late, scanty; nipples small, withered, retracted; premenstrual syndrome; < menopause.
Limbs: gout.
Skin: eczema; seborrhoeic dermatitis, psoriasis.