Jan Scholten

0.2.5 Silver series

Ideas Art
The theme that belongs to this level is Art. But there are many other themes linked to this series that might at first sight have little to do with art: advising other people, mysticism, being a spokesman. The central theme is the passing on of ideas and images. This can be done through paintings and sculptures, through poetry, theatre, music, through speeches or through channelled information from other spheres.

Middle age
This level is usually developed in middle age. But the theme can be present at any age, often even in childhood.

Region County Province
The area is that of the province. The governor of the county is a representative of the king, ruling over a small area. A large town is usually the centre of such an area. It should be noted that we have now reached a level where it is no longer possible to know everybody. This is reflected in the case of the artist who is greeted in the street by many people he has never even seen before.

Voice Hearing
Speech and hearing are two specific physical themes that belongs to the Silver series. We use speech to get our ideas across to others, we use our ears to receive the ideas.