Jan Scholten

0.7.3 Series 3. The Silicon series

The world seen as my family versus the rest of the world.

Family and relations.
This is the level of relationships, first within the family, then gradually including other people later on. This is more the family that one starts oneself. It is about the relationship between husband and wife.

This is the age of the teenager. The teenager finds out about his position in relation to others, learning to define his own space and to respect that of others.

Home Neighbourhood Friends.
The area increases to include their own house and the immediate neighbourhood, the environment where the child learns to relate to people outside the family. This includes his school where he starts to make friends with other children. The field is represented by the family, one’s spouse and children.
They see everyone inside the family and close friends as belonging to them. For that group they do a lot, protect and secure them. Outside of this group are strangers and possible enemies. An example is honour killing: a woman belonging to the family is protected till she moves outside of the family and can easily be murdered.

Love and hate; attraction.
Family; friends; communication; contact.
Image, presentation; clothes, beauty.
Sense of taste.
Connective tissue; mucous membranes; face.
Age: teenager, 12-18.

Proteales, Geraniales, Caryophyllales.