Jan Scholten


Series describe the horizontal rows in the periodic system. Every series has its own theme, its own area of problems. The word series also indicates that there is a progressive line of development from one series to the next.
For practical reasons I have named each series after its most characteristic element. The rows below Ferrum have been called Silver series and Gold series, after their most well known elements. The second series is called Carbon series, and the third Silica series.
To give you an impression of the correlation between the series I have written a brief summary below. A more extensive description will be given at the start of each chapter.

Table 1: the seven series

Series Theme Age Area Sense Tissue

Hydrogen Being Foetus Spaceless Smell ?
Carbon I Child Body Touch ? Skin
Silicium Other Teenager House Connective tissue
Ferrum Work Adult Village Muscle Blood
Silver Ideas Middle age Town Speech Nerves
Gold Leadership Ripe Country Vision Bone
Uranium Magus Old age Universe Intuition Bone marrow .