Jan Scholten

Sense provings

Sense provings is a kind of proving I developed in order to get good pictures of remedies in a short time. This was needed to get an idea of a vast array of remedy picture.

A plant in flower is picked and experienced in as many ways as possible. Parts of the plant like flower, leaves and twigs are used to give impressions to the prover on all senses. The plant parts are looked at, smelled, touched, tasted and its name gives an impression. The name of plant is experienced. All these influences give an impression on the prover who meditates on all of them.
This kind of proving has shown to be very nice, straightforward and rewarding.
A mother tincture of the remedy can be prepared at the same time.

1. Relatively little investment is needed, about one hour.
2. The format gives full focus, gives a strong signal.
3. There is little noise.
4. Sense provings have the best cost benefit ratio.
5. A mother tincture can be made for a pharmacist to produce the potencies for use in practice.

1. Personal aspects of the prover can distort the picture.
2. The result is very dependent on the prover quality.

1. This is mostly done with Plant remedies.
2. It is a good way of doing a proving with one prover.
3. Sense provings have helped me a lot in bringing forth the Plant theory as expressed in my book Wonderful Plants.