Jan Scholten

665.54.12 Scrophularia nodosa
Names: Scrophularia marylandica.
English: Knotted Figwort.
Dutch: helmkruid, groot speenkruid, Knollenwurzel, aambeinwortel, klierkruid; Kankerbloeme.

They overdo hiding and protecting the family problems. They see everyone as an enemy or someone that tries to reveal the family secrets. They are very suspicious and very careful not to tell too much. They do too much for the family and their parents and they lose themselves, they cannot lead their own life. Even at an old age they long for the appreciation of their parents because they have done well for the family.

Responsible, but treated like a child, longing for, but missing the appreciation of mother.
Caring for family, family oriented, the family against the world.
Reserved, closed, taciturn, answering vaguely, avoiding.
Dull, confused, thinking and memory difficult.
Coma; stupor.
Sex high; amorous, lascivious.
Hierarchy, in the family. << vexation, never done enough, no appreciation, criticised.
Sad, tearful, despondency, melancholia, entangled in their problems, complaining.
Work impossible, indifference, lethargic.
Controlling, fanatical planning, economical.
Asks nothing for herself.
Despondency << past.
Dream: blood; that he is bleeding; metrorrhagia; frightened.
Pain that cannot be released because the cause is unclear, secret.
Feeling cheated, but unable to fight back or act because he is bound.
Fear: future.

Type: left.
Weather: > warm room, < cold air.
Time: < 3 pm.
Food: > eating; < before (after) meals.
Physical: < lying on right side; < rest, < pressure.
Sleep: sleepy.

General: glands swollen.
Vertigo: drowsy, vertex, < standing; walking difficult, unsure.
Head: headache, crushing weight, forehead to back of head, vertex, occiput and nape; usually from behind forward, < long lasting grief, < exhausted nerves; < by least motion, < noise, < music, > lying, < school girls, < eyestrain.
Eyes: burning, sore; conjunctivitis; stitches in eyebrow; photophobia, spots; accommodation difficult.
Ears: auricle, inflamed ulcerated deep; deaf.
Lungs: dyspnoea, asthma; constricted; cough dry, raw.
Heart: pulse slow.
Chest: oppressed + trembling; pain about bifurcation of trachea.
Stomach: vomiting, dyspepsia.
Abdomen: colic, griping below navel < 7h, < vexation; pain in sigmoid flexure; appendicitis; liver, pain < pressure, < deep inspiration, lying right side.
Rectum: !! haemorrhoids, pain bleeding, swollen, protruding; diarrhoea; ulcerative colitis.
Urinary: urine scanty; enuresis; ureter pain.
Male: testicle, tubercular.
Female: !! breast, inflamed; milk coagulating, absent; nodosities tumours; vagina, itch.
Back: pain in spinal column with slight opisthotonos.
Limbs: pain in all flexor muscles. neck stiff, pain + pain and contraction of right stern mastoid muscle; arthritis, cutting < rest, < open air, > warm room, knee extending ankle, + stiff; bruises, falls, dissolves clotted blood; legs trembling, weak, stumbling, missteps; interstitial inflammation of bones, scrofulous, sycotic, syphilitic, mercurial; periosteum inflamed, pains burning, tearing, as if scraped with a knife; caries, rickets but not necrosis; growing pains; pain boring, drawing, digging, nerves, stump after amputations.
Skin: cold; ephithelioma; eczema, back of ear; crusta lactea; lupoid ulcer; prickling, itching, back of hand; swellings, abscesses, boils, carbuncles.