Jan Scholten


Essence: impulsively showing your ideas.

Impulsive in showing your ideas
They feel a great need to express their creative ideas. They feel very inspired and are bursting to give expression to their talents. They want to set up all sorts of new artistic or scientific projects.

A novice looking for honour
They want to be unique, to do something different. They want to create something so beautiful that nobody can deny it. Most of all they want to create something out of nothing, something that has never been done or seen before. They want to be seen and heard, to be the centre of attention. To boost their self esteem they might even speak with contempt about other peoples’ ideas.

Spontaneous wisdom
Their spontaneity often enables them to get through to the core of the matter. They are too straight forward and naive to be sidetracked by all sorts of irrelevant details. They take their ideas for what they are, critical appraisal is simply not part of their make up. Primitive art is a typical art form that belongs to this phase.

No ability to reflect on their ideas
They lack the ability to reflect on their ideas. Many ideas keep bubbling up, but they can’t sort these ideas into any form or structure. They often feel chaotic inside, swimming in a sea of thoughts and images. They also have an aversion to systems and structures, are hopeless in keeping time, hate clocks and can’t handle money.
Their creations are not well thought out and rather naive. They will come with some outrageously naive solution to all the worlds problems, causing people to shake their head and think they are not ‘quite 100%’. This makes them feel stupid and they may lose their inspiration.

Failure through thoughtlessness
Their thoughtlessness is often a reason for failure. When a painting goes wrong they are unable to consider another way of going about it. When their theories turn out to be incorrect they are unwilling to consider another approach. When a performance turns out to be a flop they mope around and shake their head instead of looking at the reason behind this failure. They allow themselves to be swept along by their negative thoughts and sombre mood. They feel useless, they give up and turn their attention to all sorts of silly trivialities. When their creative flow stops they become passive and dull.

A manic depressive spokesman
They usually manage to snap out of it as soon as a new idea hits them again. They can also become quite manic and pretend that they are overflowing with ideas. They’ll get to work on it, only to discover that it isn’t what they thought it would be and then they’ll collapse again.

Spontaneous and creative
They are spontaneous, creative people, usually with a warm heart who find it easy to make contact with others. They are well liked on the whole and feel happy in the company of large groups of people. In later stages they might avoid other people because they feel useless and they have nothing left to say.

The newcomer at the top in a sports event
This is the newcomer who enters the arena of the top sports. he is not at all impressed by all the big names around him. He doesn’t even think of winning or losing, all he wants to do is to play well. It is like Boris Becker winning Wimbledon at the age of 17.

Fears: heights, narrow spaces, performance, speeches.
Dreams: heights, falling.
Delusions: soft rubber ball in space with many multi coloured bits sticking out.
Mood: haughty, impulsive, instable, chaotic, impatient, emotional, optimism alternating with pessimism, laughing alternating with crying, fearful, gloomy, crying, > music.
Mental: lack of concentration.
Contacts: ->, <-, > large company, rough, tactless.
Work: <- housework.
Professions: artist, painter, sculptor, actor, writer, singer, musician, teacher, scientist, doctor, priest, bishop, medicine man, vicar, governor, secretary, representative, advertising agent, ‘public relations’, top sport.
Causes: disasters, humiliation.

Locality: left.
Weather: cold, cold feet, < cold !!, < damp !!, > outside, < gloomy weather.
Time: < 5 am, < September.
Aversion: bay leaf flavoured liquorice.
Menses: depressed, aggressive and negative < before menses.
Sleep: sleepy; sleeplessness, tossing and turning.

Weakness; bruised pains, itching.
Headache in forehead, temples, vertex.
Eye complaints; inflammations, visual disturbances.
Colds, with watery discharge.
Voice problems; hoarseness, loss of voice, stammering.
Lung complaints.
Heart complaints.
Liver complaints.
Problems with ovaries and testes and sexual organs in general.
Neck problems, stiffness, pains in arms. Weak muscles.
DD: Silver series, Stage 1, Crocus.
DD Krypton: don’t yet feel that they should present anything creative, everything is still fine the way it is. They are doing their work, free of any obligations, but nothing more than that. Rubidium wants to create something, something special, as simple as that !