Jan Scholten

18.1 Introduction provings

In the following chapters you can find about 20 provings. Most are meditation provings, some are dream provings. I've published the provings mostly literally, taking all the symptoms as they were noted. A discussion about provings can be found in the next chapter "Theory of Provings".

There’s discussion in the homeopathic literature about the value of the different forms of provings. Dream and meditation provings are sometimes seen as unreliable. For this reason I’ve hesitated to publish these provings.
There were four reasons to publish them anyhow:
1. I feel that these provings are indispensable for the book. They‘ve been an essential step in the development of the pictures of the Lanthanides. By publication the reader is better able to follow the development.
2. Many key symptoms of the pictures originated from these provings and were confirmed later by clinical cases.
3. The provings can be a source for future extensions of the Lanthanide pictures.
4. The proving symptoms can lead to finding the simillimum in your cases.

The reliability of the symptoms in these provings has to ascertained. It’s important to sift out the reliable symptoms from the unreliable ones. This has been done already for a great part and the result of that can be found in this book.

Striking proving symptoms
With all the questions that can arise with these provings, it's clear that there are many symptoms that have turned out to be very typical. A few examples can make this clearer:
- Cerium: cocoon.
- Gadolinium: harmony, balance.
- Thulium: AIDS.
- Lutetium fluoratum: pyramid-selling business, making love in the street.

Meditation symptoms
Many symptoms in the provings can be the result of the meditation as such. In that case they are a disturbance or 'noise'. But typical meditation symptoms can also belong to the remedy. That's why I've left them in the proving text. These symptoms are the consequence of a heightened awareness of the mind and body, so the provers experience a lot more than usually.
Typical meditation symptoms are:
- Tingling and numbness.
- Feelings of lightness and heaviness, floating sensation.
- Warmth or cold.
- Aware of heart, pulsating, throbbing and pounding.
- Aware of breathing, breathing difficult or easy.
- Seeing all kinds of colors.
- Peace and harmony or heaviness and tension.