Jan Scholten

Proving qualities

Advantages and disadvantages
The different kind of provings have several advantages and disadvantages. They are described in the table below.

Proving Advantages Disadvantages

Sense Short time Few provers
Full attention
Best cost benefit ratio
Provides mother tincture

Trituration Reasonable time
Full attention
Good cost benefit ratio
Provides C3 trituration

Bath Short time Partial picture
Full attention Prover dependent
Good cost benefit ratio Few provers

Classical Standardized High costs in time
Full picture High costs in energy
Many provers Attention dependent
Event disturbance
Personal disturbance

Intoxication Reliable symptoms Disease-producing
Physical symptoms Unethical
Attention independent
Strong impression

Dream proving Reasonable costs in time Attention dependent
Event disturbance
Personal disturbance
Partial picture

Picture Low cost in time and energy Meditation disturbance
Full attention Personal disturbance
Little event disturbance Partial, superficial picture
Many provers