Jan Scholten

0.7 Phases in Provings

3 Phases
One can see three phases in a proving.

Expression phase
The first phase is that of expression, acting out. It gives a lot of symptoms. It is often the phase of fun and weirdness, often being quite hilarious. It is a superficial expression of the remedy which doesn't give much understanding of the problem behind it. It gives in a way a caricature of the remedy.
In many old provings one sees almost exclusively symptoms of the expression phase. The provers have stayed in that phase 1 and have not a clue what the remedy is about, what the problem of the remedy is. Our repertory and Materia Medica are filled mostly with these kind of symptoms like anger, cheerfulness, laughing, weeping and so on.
The experience in our provings is that when the provers got stuck in the expression phase, that the proving keeps continuing after they stopped the proving. The provers then get dreams and symptoms that night and day afterwards. They often had to do with personal stuff that was connected to the remedy they were proving.
One can connect the three phases with the phases of Kubler Ross in the case of a person who has heard that he will die. The first phase it is similar to that of aggression, fighting the verdict.

Problem phase
The second phase is the expression of theme of the remedy. Provers feel the pain and the grief. The fun is gone. But they see the cause of all the feelings and expressions of phase one. It shows the problem and gives the essence of the remedy. Provings that have gone to problem phase give an understanding of the remedy, they show what the problem is about and from where all the symptoms came from that were elected in the expression phase.
The transition from expression phase to problem phase is often the most difficult. Here is the importance of a facilitator became apparent. He can "guide" the provers to go the deeper level.
Provers who got to the problem phase could let go the proving much more easily. It is as if one needs to know the essence of remedy before one can let it go.
One can connect this phase with that of Kubler Ross of grief.

Solution phase
The third phase is that of the solution. It's a kind of transcendence of the problem, an acceptation of how things are. It's a letting go of the striving and go with the flow.
Provers who went to phase three of solution an acceptance had a very easy time after the proving.
One can connect this phase with that of Kubler Ross of acceptance.