Jan Scholten

Proving goal

Curiosity is the father of discovery.

Provings have been the first and main source for remedy pictures from the beginning of homeopathy. They are very useful and are often the main source of information in this book for many remedies.

Plant Kingdom
The reason to choose plants is that the plant Kingdom is the least developed and the most difficult to understand at the level of development at the moment. There is quite a good understanding of the Mineral Kingdom since the Element Theory. The Animal Kingdom is more easily understood by the behavior of the animals.

Unknown remedies, families
In this book many new provings are presented, about 190. They are done on species that are not well known and mostly not known at all in homeopathy. Most are from families that are small or not known in homeopathy.

Start of the picture
They are done to get a start of the remedy picture and to be able to prescribe them. It is like a discovery journey into unknown territories. One has to have a glimpse of a remedy in order to be able to develop the remedy further as described in the chapter on Method.