Jan Scholten


The personal aspect in proving is a special and intricate issue. The proving picture can be influenced by the provers. At the other hand the provers can be influenced by the remedy in the form of an after-effect, proving symptoms and healing.

Remedy influenced
There is always a personal involvement in proving. The choice to participate in a proving is already an influence.
In these provings the provers had a choice out of several plants. Often they chose one they felt attached to, sometimes already days before they knew it would be one of the remedies to choose from. This can be seen as a negative influence, as it shows the personal field. It can also be seen as a positive influence as it means that the field of remedy and prover are overlapping. It at least makes the proving much more lively.

Prover influenced
Provers are influenced by the proving. Those influences can be nice, like being healed from an old symptom, disease. But they also be a nuisance in the form of proving symptoms.
In these proving the negative influenced was diminished in several ways:
1. By the ritual of starting and ending the proving: it set limits to the proving, breaking it off at the end.
2. By the promotion of going through the phases to the solution phase of the proving: by going to that phase the problem is solved and there won't be after effects.
3. By the discussions about the provings in the afternoon: these bring the provings in a broader perspective and create a distance.

A positive influence was often experienced by the provers. The proving were experienced often as an enriching travel in another world. It was healing often, as a kind of psychotherapy. Sometimes old themes were touched and brought to light and partially or totally resolved by looking at them from another perspective.
All provers were explicit in that they liked to participate in a follow up seminar.