Jan Scholten

2.6.7 Stage 7: Promethium
Labor 4: The Hind of Cyreneia.
This hind with golden antlers and copper feet was very fast and sacred to Artemis. Heracles got permission from Artemis to catch the hind provided he wouldn’t kill her. He had to hunt her for a year and in the end could catch her when she was stuck in the snow. After showing her to Eurystheus, he let her go as promised. After this hero story Heracles also joins the Argonauts for a while.
Heracles cannot catch the hind as it is too fast. So he needs the help, in this case of Artemis the goddess of the hind. Help and cooperation are typical aspects of Stage 7. Another theme of Stage 7 is that they want to learn more, is possible everything. But that's impossible, just as it is impossible to catch the hind. Complete knowledge eludes the mind.