Jan Scholten


They are very old fashioned, hate changes. Everything should stay the same forever as far as they are concerned. But they do not have the power to enforce it to their surroundings. The only thing they can do is retire in their own space and keep things the way they are. They prefer to retire in remote areas where things are as they have been for ages and they hope it will stay that way for ages.
They want to stay small and do not want to grow and become an adult with all their responsibilities.

Pride, thinking themselves to be very good, indispensable.
Orthodox, traditional, old fashioned.
Sensitive, oversensitive to criticism.
Timid, shy, in the background; difficulties in communicating.
Simple, rural people.
Their view of the world is limited, limited to that of their own family.
Lethargic, loathing life.
Strongly male, feels superior.
Aversion: change; become adult, to participate in culture and big cities; responsibilities; learning; exertion.
Fear: becoming an alcoholic; parents quarrelling, divorcing.

Weather: < sun; > shade, damp.
Food: < alcohol.

General: growth retardation; beriberi.
Nervous: epilepsy, convulsions; spams; encephalopathy; Korsakoff.
Lungs: coughs; asthma, bronchitis; pleurisy; shortness of breath.
Stomach: nausea; vomiting; painless hiccough.
Abdomen: bloated; colic; worm, tapeworm.
Rectum: incontinence.
Urinary: enuresis; urination involuntary, < stress, hurry; stress incontinence.
Skin: hair thinning; scurf.