Jan Scholten

Picture Proving

Picture provings need little investment and have a fast result. On the other hand the result is not very precise and reliable.

A picture proving is a proving done by looking at a picture of the plant, or any other substance and meditating on it.
A picture of the remedy is shown to a group of provers during a short period of about 5 to 15 minutes and the provers meditate on this picture. This is a more superficial form of proving. The advantage is that it can easily be done during a seminar with the participants of the seminar as provers.

1. Relatively little investment is needed, of about 15 minutes.
2. The many of provers can filter out personal aspects.

1. The resulting picture generally is superficial and has much noise.
2. Personal aspects can get aggravated by mutual reinforcement.
3. The prover quality is very variable and can hardly be controlled.

1. By selecting those symptoms that are repeated by many provers and or are experienced as essential by good provers, one can get an idea of what the remedy is about. Or one can get a few keynotes, that can lead to good prescriptions that will show the remedy in a much broader and deeper way.
2. This is mostly done with Plant remedies.
3. It is a good way of doing provers with the attendants of a seminar.