Jan Scholten

Phase 7

Phase 7 has the feeling that their position in the group is not obvious any more. There is even the question if they have a real position anyhow. They can have the feeling that they can be rejected at any moment, or that they are already rejected and have become an outcast from the group.
It can be that the situation that they have to get as much out of the system as they can before it’s really over. They feel they have put so much into the system, into the group and that they have rights to those things, at least partly. They can have real fights about what belongs to them and what belongs to the group. It is like the end-stage of a marriage where the partners are fighting about the possessions.
They feel their situation, their life as limiting, like a prison. They want to break out, to be free. They desire to leave, to flee. Drugs are another way to flee.

They often feel hard. This is because they feel rejected. They feel it is unfair that they have been pushed out of the group, that it is unjust that the group keeps what they have given. They have the feeling that communication is not really possible anymore. This is because the real connection is as good as broken, so it is useless to be nice and soft, as this will not be brought across in the right way to the others. They close themselves off from the others, they cut the cord that links them to the others.

They are often not very aggressive but more reserved and closed. They see it as pointless to fight for their position. It is more often that they fight to get out of the group what they need. They don’t fight for the connection as such any more, or for their position in the group. Or just the opposite, they fight very hard to keep their position in the group.

They feel like an outsider. They are rejected, expelled from the group or the world. They feel though they have no connection anymore. This can make them hard, lacking empathy. They are closed to contacts.
They feel negative as a person or have suppressed negative personalities. They can project their negative personalities onto others, becoming aggressive to persons with similar personalities. Or they keep getting attracted to negative personalities, for instance women who repeat relationships with men who beat them up.

They can easily get in situations where they get persecuted, because of gender, sexual orientation, religion, culture, opinions and scientific insights.

Fluorine, Chlorine, Stage 17
It has a great deal in common with Fluorine, Chlorine and Stage 17.

Hatred !!, breaking off the contact,.
Psychosis; hallucinations.
Asocial, cold, closed, anti social.
Idiocy, insanity, psychosis; hallucinations.
Poisonous, venomous, sarcastic.
Threatening, aggressive, scolding, cursing, blasphemy.
Restless, travelling, moving, emigrating.
Attracted to drugs, alcohol.
Dreams: destruction; war; killing; ending; violence, aggression; left alone; rejected; darkness, shadow.
Delusion: being an outcast, rejected, an outsider, single.

Nervous: convulsion, epilepsy; hydrocephalus.

Parasitic, epiphytic, carnivorous.