Jan Scholten

Phase 6 feels they are settled in the group. They have their position and have a right to it. But there is also a fear that they might have to leave. This can be the case when there is an imbalance between taking and receiving. They can easily have the feeling that the system asks too much from them, that they have to give too much. They can have the feeling that the group costs them more than it gives to them. They can feel used or even abused. This can make them also very angry, resulting in fights and quarrels with other members of the group.
It can also happen that they take too much from the group. They feel that they have given much in the past and now it is their turn to receive. They can become quite lazy, doing nothing, becoming apathetic. This is exaggerated when they have the feeling that maybe the system will collapse, or that they have to leave. It seems pointless to them to put a lot of energy into a system that will fail anyhow.

They can often have fights with other members of the group. But they can also withdraw on their own, silently doing nothing and avoiding many problems. They often lack the energy to maintain the system. This situation can be provoked by a system which is already half failing. The system is not perfect anymore, it is half decaying, it can be dirty and ruined. They do not see the point in doing much to maintain it.

They are part of a group but their position is unsure. They feel that they might be expelled if they don’t fulfil the requirements of rules. They have a tendency to seduce others to get accepted.

Pessimistic; sighing.
Lazy, neglecting things.
Wait and see if things will happen, if he will get what he wants.

Oxygen, Sulphur, Stage 16.
It has a great deal in common with Oxygen, Sulphur and Stage 16.

Big, attractive flowers.
Flowers with smell, fragrant or offensive; climbers.