Jan Scholten

The name Niccolum is derived from nickel. ‘Nikkel’ is the German word for little gnome, mountain spirit or little devil. Coppernickel is a deceptive looking ore that contains only nickel and no copper. In English we have ‘nick names’ (not the real name), the ‘nick’ (prison), ‘in good nick’, ‘in the nick of time’.
The metal was discovered in 1751. Combined with steel it reduces corrosion and expansion during heat. It is very scratch resistant, hence its use in coins, measuring instruments, pots and pans, cutlery, milk containers etc. Nickel silver is the most well known alloy, used in cutlery, consisting of 18% nickel, 60% copper and 22 % zinc.
Nitinol is an alloy of titanium and nickel, particularly useful because it remembers its shape. When it has been bent it will return to its original (Titanium) shape (Iron series, Niccolum) as soon as it is heated.