Jan Scholten

2.6.6 Stage 6: Neodymium
Labor 3: The Wild Boar of Erymanthes.
This enormous boar was devastating the region of Psophis. Heracles repeatedly jumps aside when the boar attacks him many times. He manages to conquer him by grasping the boar by his enormous fangs. He dislodges the fangs, grabs the boar by his mouth and kills him with a mighty blow with his club on the head. (Another story is that he catches it while asleep and binds its legs together and brings it to Tiryns).
Stage 6: after watching carefully, Heracles grasps the fangs firmly. This is the quality of "going for it", which is typical of Stage 6. They have to do it and will do it, whatever the danger and the costs. We see also that Heracles watches carefully for a while, which is more an aspect of Stage 5. But in Stage 5 they keep on watching and hesitating, avoiding really going for it.