Jan Scholten

622.46.00 Myristicaceae
Botany: 20 genera; tree; tropical, lowland rain forest; red sap; leaves distichous; flowers unisexual, dioecious; sepals 0; petals 3; fruit 2 valved; stamens fused; seeds with a red, orange aril and ruminate endosperm.
French: Myristicacees.
DD: Subphase 6; Phase 4; Hydrogen series; Carbon series.

They feel the most lost. They feel that they have a right to have parents but the parents are not present. The parents have neglected them, lost them out of sight and they feel they are nowhere, in danger, without protection.

Childish, tyrannical in love.
Excitement alternating with chilliness.
Inability to concentrate the thoughts, although important business has to be transacted, indifferent, careless about his business; negligence.
Strange, oppressed by bewildering situations; desire to escape.
Concentration difficult, stupefaction, indifference.
Thoughts persistent, dwelling.
Delusion: being great; hallucinations.
Music, hears a continuous song.
Dreams: anger, quarrels, angry, disputes, strife, violent wrangling.
Dream: foreign business; houses being built, beginning at the upper stories.
Colour preference: 3C !.

Desire: drinks, thirst.
Sleep: restless, disturbed; starting.

Vertigo swaying to the left, dizzy, < morning.
Head: heavy, headache, frontal eminence, > open air, < noon.
Eyes: red, irritated; retina loose.
Ears: inflammation of middle ear; noises ringing.
Face: red pimples on the left cheek.
Nose: aching, excruciating, posterior nares, as if a fresh cold had been taken.
Mouth: periodontitis; taste coppery, bitter, lost; tongue white and cracked; viscid saliva; palate insensible, sensitive, < touch.
Throat: burning; difficult swallowing; constriction at isthmus of pharynx, this pain increases progressively; tender, < touch, < food chewing, swallowing.
Lungs: tuberculosis.
Chest: heat; hard pressing pain, < night, on both sides of the chest but it does not affect respiration.
Abdomen: as if a foreign body, as large as a walnut, had lodged deep in the left groin.
Rectum: fistule in anus; stools mixed with yellow mucus.
Urinary: urination infrequent; urine scanty, reddish yellow.
Female: bartholinitis.
Back: pinching, right side of neck.
Limbs: inflammation cellular tissue, periosteum, < traumatic infections; hands stiff, squeezing, pain, < touch; phlegmonous inflammations; rheumatic pains, pinching; osteomyelitis; ! elephantiasis; arthritis, disorders, pus; formication on left thumb-joint; pain in finger-nails with swelling of phalanges; pinching pain in right calf.
Skin: inflammation, < foreign bodies, < splinters; fistules; carbuncles; panaritium; whitlow; pain in the finger nails with swelling of the phalanges; abcesses; felon, onychia, paronychia; callous ulcers, phlegmonous erysipelas.