Jan Scholten

Myristica fragrans, Nux moschata

This remedy feels the most lost of all the Magnoliidae. It feels like a child who suddenly has lost his family in a strange place. He does not know how to get home, where his parents are and how to find safety.

Childish, tyrannical in love.
Fragile but with a lot of success around him.
Nervous hysterical temperament.
Oversensitive: < light; < hearing; < smell; < touch.
Vertigo: faint, < slight pain; complaints cause sleepiness.
Stupor and insensibility; unconquerable sleep.
Absence of mind; cannot think; great indifference to everything.
Energy: weakness or loss of memory.
Vanishing of thoughts while reading, talking or writing; using wrong words; does not recognise well known streets.
Gay, from lively to serene.
Changeable humour; one moment laughing, the next crying; sudden change from grave.
Zombie before menses.
Busy, hysterical.
Depression, <<< no one to care for.
Searching for identity, << father was not her biological father, fell in love even when having a good marriage.
Dream: falling from high place.
Dream: pursued by persons seeking to harm her.
Dreams: amorous.
Dreams: garbage, rotten, rats, death, cut penis.

Type: women, children.
Sleep: narcolepsy; irresistibly drowsy; sleepy, muddled, intoxicated; coma, lies silent, immovable; eyes constantly closed.

Energy: weakness of old age; fatigue, < least exertion, > lie down.
Head: headache, < eating too much.
Eyes: dry, < close the lids.
Mouth: dry, saliva like cotton, < menses; tongue dry, < sleep, adheres to roof of mouth.
Throat: dry, stiffened, < menses; lump; sudden hoarseness, < walking against the wind; laryngomalacia; choking.
Lungs: cough, < warm, < in bed, < overheated, < pregnancy, < bathing, < standing in water, < living in cold, damp places; cough lose after eating, dry after drinking; stertorous breathing.
Stomach: pain, distress, dyspepsia, in old people; nausea, vomiting, < pregnancy.
Abdomen: enormously distended, < meal.
Rectum: diarrhoea; < summer, < cold drinks; epidemic, < autumn, < boiled milk; < dentition; < pregnancy, + sleepiness, + fainting, < autumn, epidemic; stool white, foetid.
Female: leucorrhoea in place of menses; physometra, < pessaries; < pregnancy.
Back: backache, while riding in a carriage.
Limbs: rheumatic affections, < getting feet wet, < draughts, < cold, wet weather, < cold wet clothes, left shoulder.
Skin: dry; boils, felons; ulcers, poisonous, bedsores.