Jan Scholten

Botany: 80 genera; 3200 species; tropical, warm temperate Asia and America; flowers radial; small petals; numerous prominent stamens; leaves twice pinnately compound. Mimosoideae is part of Fabaceae, which is also called Leguminosae, bean family, pea family.

Fabaceae consist of three subfamilies: Mimosoideae, Caesalpinoideae and Faboideae. They have legumes as fruits and therefore were also called Leguminosae. It is the bean family. Mimosoideae have radial flowers, whereas Caesalpinoideae often and Faboideae always have zygomorphic flowers. Mimosoideae have twice pinnately compound leaves, whereas Caesalpinoideae and Faboideae mostly have once pinnately compound leaves.
In most classifications Fabaceae is treated as one family. It is one of the biggest families with about 20000 species.
In the Plant theory Mimosoideae, Ceasalpinoideaea and Faboideae will be treated separately. Mimosoideae is placed in Subphase 3.