Jan Scholten


The main theme of the Malvanae is that of the Silver series. They want to be special, unique and wonderful, so that they will get a higher position in society. They try to become special in art, science, sport, politics, religion or management, or whatever makes them special and acknowledged.
Culture is an important issue. They can be contributing to culture in the form of art and science, philosophy and politics, religion and sport. That makes them distinguished.
But it can also be in a situation where culture puts limits on them, where they feel put down and restricted due to cultural rules and obligations. They can be a victim of cultural or religious systems like the caste system in India, the women’s position in the Islam, Christianity or Confucianism.
They have a need for show, performance. They have an aversion to showing their weakness. This often makes it difficult in consultations to find out what the problem really is. It gives the doctor a feeling of confusion, not knowing where he is. It also shows in their aversion to being on video during the consultation. They do not want their case to be shown. This is an expression of the Silver series quality.

Cultural inequalities, by caste, religion or gender.
Inequalities between men and women, due to religion, culture.
Profession: artist, actor, painter, writer, musician, scientist, philosopher, politician, governor, priest, bishop.
Theme: large, bigger; small, smaller.
Anger, < humiliation, criticism, offended, loss of social position.
Sad, < being belittled.
Cheerful, > success.