Jan Scholten

English: Malva class.
DD: Lamiidae.Taxonomy
The name Malvidae or Malvids is used in different ways. Originally in Apg2 it was for the Orders Brassicales, Malvales and Sapindales. They were then called Eurosids 2. In Apg3 the small Orders of Crossomateles, Huerteales and Picramniales were added. The name Malvidae is used for this group in the restricted sense now. Geraniales and Myrtales are associated with Malvidae. They are seen as a sister group, allied with Malvidae but not belonging to the core Malvidae. Sometimes they are also called Malvidae, extended Malvidae.
In the Plant theory the name Malvanae is used for the Class and Malvidae for the Subclass. The Order Santalales is added to the Malvidae. Saxifragales is added to the Class Malvanae. The Family Halogaraceae is split off from the Saxifragles and placed in its own Order Halogarales.

1. Hydrogen series: Haloragidae, Halogarales; unable to act, to be creative, artistic or imaginative.
2. Carbon series: Saxifragidae, Saxifragales: have a conflict between being just a normal person and having a high society pretension.
3. Silicon series: Geraniidae, Geraniales; they have a conflict between their normal family and their own special, unique and artistic qualities.
4. Iron series: Myrtidae, Myrtales: they have a conflict between the community, their work and their own special, unique and artistic qualities.
5. Silver series: Malvidae; they feel special and unique and want to bring that into the world with art, science, sport, becoming a celebrity.