Jan Scholten

Jurgen Becker has done a proving with Magnesium metallicum and Hug has described a case (1994) based on this proving.
I don’t need to add much to the description of Magnesium in Homeopathy and Minerals.
The general theme around relationships was already quite clear, with the fear of loss and the fear of divorce of the parents etc. The aggression and the pacifism proved to be indicative of the second stage, i.e. related to space. They want to find out about their own place and their place within the relationship. This process is accompanied by aggression and territorial urges.

The name is derived from Magnesia, an old city in Asia minor. Another possibility is that it is named after the Magnesia region in the province of Thessalia in Greece. The word magnet also comes from Magnesium. Magnesium was discovered in 1775 and it is the 8th most common element on earth. In its metallic form it quickly oxidises in air and emits a shooting flash of light. It was used by photographers in the past to act like a flashbulb, and is still being used in firebombs and light rockets.
It weighs very little and is therefore used extensively in the building of planes, rockets and racing bikes. Talcum powder is used by gymnasts because of its water absorbing properties: its chemical formula is Mg(OH)2.3MgCO3.3H2O.
Chlorophyll, which transforms light into energy in plants, contains Magnesium too.