Jan Scholten

633.00.00 Liliidae
English: Lilium Subclass.

Liliidae is the third Subclass of the Class Lilianae, Monocots.

1. Alismatales: they feel that they have to get a place in the system.
2. Dioscoreales: they have a place but they feel they have to fight for it, or get overwhelmed in it.
3. Pandanales: they have a place but it is unsure, they get confused whether to follow their own impulse or those of others.
4. Commelinoids: they feel central in the system, which gives them safety and they responsible for it.
5. Asparagales: they feel part of the system but think of leaving as it does not give them enough love and respect.
6. Liliales: they have their place, they do a lot but then they feel it is too much, that feel they are being used.
7. Orchidales: they feel that will lose their place in the system, or that it will collapse.

It can be seen as Hydrogen, Carbon and Silicon series combined, with an emphasis on the Silicon series. It is the full development of the theme of the Lilianae, the Monocots.
They want to make contact, have friends and a partner. It is the age of puberty where friends become more important than parents and relatives. Getting a boyfriend or girlfriend is the most important issue at that stage of life. They like to go out, meet new people, go dancing, listen to music and have fun.
They do not know if their relationships will work out well.
They do not know if their love relationships and friendships are possible.

Correspondence to ages in puberty: in general, as an indication.
Acorales: child.
Arales: 10.
Alismatales: 12.
Dioscorelaes: 13.
Commelinoids: 15.
Asparagales: 16.
Liliales: 17.
Orchidales: 18.

In adults, when they have stuck in the mental age of puberty and have not been able to overcome and mature this phase.