Jan Scholten

Botany: flower with two whorls of three tepals, colourful, spots on tepals; necatries petaloid; seed with well developed epidermis; lack phytomelan; 6 stamens; sword-like leaves parallel to the stem, basal rosette.

Groups, Families.
1. Calochortaceae: they feel that they still have to get a place in the family and friends.
2. Smilacaceae, Philesiaceae, Rhipogonaceae: vines; they have a place but have to fight for it, or get overwhelmed in it.
3. Tricyrtaceae: they have a place but it is unsure, they get confused what to do, their own impulse or that of others.
4. Liliaceae: they feel central in the family and friends, which give them safety but also responsibility for it.
5. Melanthiaceae: they have their place, do a lot but feel limited by it, there should be more.
6. Colchicaceae, Alstroemeriaceae, Luzuriagaceae, Petermanniaceae: they feel part of the family but think about leaving as it does not give them enough love and respect.
7. Corsiaceae, Campynemataceae: parasitic; losing their place with family, friends and self-worth, everything can collapse.

They want to have a good relationship with family and parents but often feel neglected and used. In their youth they have often been been abused, neglected, beaten or emotionally tormented by their parents or siblings. They feel just tolerated in the family, on the edge. Due to that they have the feeling there is something wrong with them, that they are bad, ugly or dirty. They can go to religious practices and groups as a kind of redemption, to get rid of their feeling that something is wrong with them.
The pattern gets repeated in their marriage or with their in-laws. They feel just tolerated, not really loved. They feel taken advantage of as they give more than they get in return. In the end they can get an attitude that they do not want to give anymore, do nothing and just receive.

Reserved, not showing emotions, cannot be weak.
Suppressing emotions.
Risk taking, lack of reflection.

Love relations, Sex
Hysterical faint.
Problems with sex, pregnancy, miscarriage, abortion, labour, nursing.

Group member
Become part of the group is very important. They fear being or becoming a side figure, an outcast. They fear being excluded, belittled and seen as unattractive unfriendly, having no worth.

The theme of purity is typical for the Liliales. The Phase 6 quality of dirt is combined with Carbon series of being good or bad, leading to being pure or impure. The order has a typical trait of black spots on their tepals, symbolising black, bad and dirty things on their most beautiful parts, the tepals. Due to their feeling of being an outsider, being neglected, they feel unattractive. They would like to seduce people, to be appreciated and admired. But there is some part of them that feels they will be expelled, treated as leper. A big fear is to be seen as a slut, a whore. That is someone who has been given herself away too easily and has become impure, dirty. A whore is someone that one cannot get a relationship with, it is someone who is only tolerated at the edge of society. It is the theme of being squeezed out, expelled, forced out.

They want to look adult, then they will be accepted and will be allowed to have sexual relationships.
Control of emotions, behaving adult.
Unwanted children.
As a teenager being bullied, teased, excluded, forsaken.
Their father being buried outside the graveyard because it was a suicide.
Restless, active, fast.
Industrious, perfectionistic, efficient.
Caring for others obsessed.
Religious pure, praying, preaching.
Sexuality, shameless.
Sad, grief, unexpressed.
Reserved, do not show emotions, pain.
Purity versus dirty.
Ambitious, high goals.
Included, versus excluded. < children being bullied.
Emotional held in, expressed suddenly.
Critical, insulting.
Cheerful, laughing.

Sensation: excluded, squeezed; full dry, congestion, small spot pain.
Desire: cold drinks.
Aversion: meat.
Physical: < yawning.

Vertigo: faint.
Head: headache.
Ears: hearing impaired.
Nose: hayfever; smell sensitive.
Heart: !; pain.
Genital: !!; infections, chlamydia.
Male: prostatism.
Female: dysmenorrhoea; uterus heavy, bearing down, prolapse; miscarriage.
Limbs: nails crippled; chilblains, tips of fingers and toes; Raynaud.
Skin: crack.