Jan Scholten

Seven levels

In homeopathy symptoms can be categorized in different ways. A very well known division is from Vithoulkas into physical, emotional and mental. The division of the experience of living creatures into categories is of the utmost importance. This is so because the division is hierarchical. In the division in physical, emotional and mental, the physical level is the lowest in the hierarchy and the mental is the highest. This hierarchy is shown by healing that occurs first at the highest hierarchical level. This is reflected in what is known as the laws of Hering, one of them stating that healing goes from inside to outside.

The question is what kind of division is the best, the most accurate and precise. The division in 3, as Vithoulkas has described, is not incorrect, but somewhat crude. I use a division into 7 levels. These 7 levels correspond with the 7 series of the periodical system. It corresponds with the levels of the organs.

7. Physical
This is the physical level, the level of material facts, the body. This is the level that regular medicine has reduced itself to.
6. Sensation
This is the level of sensation. It is the sensation of the complaints. The word “feeling” is also used for sensation, but that can be confusing, as “feeling” is also used for emotions and intuition.
5. The third level is that of emotions, the fears, love and hate, desire and aversion, anger and so forth. It’s also the level of the will, the desire to be someone.
4. This also is a level of emotions but on a higher level. It’s more cooperation, feeling of belonging to a group.
3. This is the level of thought. It is the level of belief and judgment, also known as delusion. Sankaran uses the concept of basic delusion. This level expresses itself in language, in words.
2. This is the level of image. It’s vision and insight. Together with the thought level they are called mental. The image level though is essentially different from the thought level. The expression “one picture can tell more than 100 pages of text” exemplifies this. Images give insight; words can induce images that give insight. This is also the level of the life story, the experience on earth.
1. The seventh level is knowing. This is also known as intuition. It’s a very abstract level, archetypical.

Table Levels, Series and Senses
Level Series Sense
1 Know Uranium Smell
2 Image Gold Vision
3 Thought Silver Hearing
4 Emotion, Love Iron Proprioception
5 Emotion Will Silicon Taste
6 Sensation Carbon Touch
7 Physical Hydrogen

I use this level model in the evaluation of cases. The higher the level of healing the deeper the healing is. A level of change in insight or change in life story is one of the most important changes, more important than a general feeling of well-being.

Comparison levels of Vithoulkas
The levels of Vithoulkas can be seen easily seen. His mental level is the combination of the thought and image level. His Emotional level is a combination of the sensation, and emotional levels. The physical is the same.

Comparison levels of Sankaran
Sankaran’s levels have many similarities but also differences. The biggest difference however is that Sankaran describes his levels as cyclical instead of hierarchical.
His sensation level can be found in the sensation level and Image level. The concept “Sensation” in a way is problematic. Regular medicine sees it often as something physical, as part of the nervous system and it's used accordingly. But a sensation cannot be materially measured, which makes it clear that it’s not physical, although closely related to the body. This close relation can also be recognized from the fact that sensation is connected to parts of the body, something that’s seldom said of emotions. One has a “stitching pain in the head”, but one seldom speaks about "anger in my hand”.
At the other hand, “sensations” are applicable to many levels. So one can speak about a “prickly thought” of “warm emotions”. This is due to their archetypical aspect. Sankaran has applied that by transferring sensations into gestures. But gestures have a spatial aspect and are thus at the image level. I see this as confusion: the sensation is not just a sensation anymore and has become an image, a symptom of level 2. That’s why Sankaran can centralize it to the "Vital Sensation”.
Sankaran’s Name level is on the Thought level.
Sankaran’s Delusion level is a combination of the Thought and Image level.

Table Levels, Comparison Vithoulkas and Sankaran
Level Vithoulkas Sankaran
1 Know Energy, Seventh
2 Image Mental Delusion, Sensation
3 Thought Mental Delusion, Name
4 Emotion, Love Emotional Feeling
5 Emotion Will Emotional Feeling
6 Sensation Emotional Sensation
7 Physical Physical Fact