Jan Scholten

2.8 Lanthanides mythology

Atlas: Brothers Prometheus, Epimetheus and Menoetius, son of
Holds the world on his shoulders, on the edge of the world.
Punished by Zeus.
Helped Heracles in getting the apples of the Hesperides: Erbium.
Cerberus: Hellhound, captured by Heracles: Thulium.
Centaur Half man, half horse, Lutetium.
Ceres: Cerium is named after this goddess of agriculture and fertility.
Epimetheus Means "he who reflects after events". (Ytterbium?)
Accepted Pandora as a gift from Zeus, warned by Prometheus.
Europa: Name used for Europe and Europium.
Eurystheus: Became king of Greece instead of Heracles, by a trick of Hera's.
Weakling (Barium), commanded Heracles to his 12 works.
Hera: Goddess, wife of Zeus, jealous of Heracles.
Heracles: Means "made famous by Hera".
Hesperides Goddesses of nature, guards of the golden apples of the celestial gardens.
Gardens of the west, where the evening (hespera) sun was.
Hippolyte: Queen of the Amazons.
Gave her girdle to Heracles,
Killed by Heracles in a fight.
The fight was caused by a betrayal by Hera: Dysprosium.
Iapetus: Titan, father of Atlas, Prometheus, Epimetheus, Menoetius.
Prometheus: Means "he who foresees"; name for Promethium.
Son of Iapetus, the Titan.
Chained by Hephaestos to Mount Caucasus as punished by Zeus.
Freed by Heracles: Erbium.
Brought arts and sciences and fire to the human race.
Favored the human race above the Gods.
Pandora: Made beautiful by Zeus as revenge against Prometheus.
Gifted by Hera with jealousy and trickery.
Given Pandora's box or vessel by Hephaestos.
Minos: Son of Europa and Zeus, king of Crete.
Placed the Minotaur in his labyrinth.
Minotaur: Only fed on human flesh, captured by Heracles: Gadolinium.
Nessos: Centaur, tried to abduct Daieneira, the wife of Heracles.
Killed by Heracles by an arrow.
Heracles was killed by a tunic soaked with Nessos' blood: Lutetium.
Titans: First divine race, ancestors of man.
Zeus: Punished Atlas and Prometheus.
King of the Gods.