Jan Scholten

2.5 Rare

Hidden instead of Rare
The Lanthanides are sometimes also called rare earth elements, together with the elements from Stage 3.
This may lead to the impression that the Lanthanides are rare on earth. That’s not the case at all. Most of them are much more common than, for instance, gold, iodine and sulphur. The fact that they were not known is because they are hidden in chemicals and salts. They never occur as a pure metal or even a pure salt. That’s the reason that they were discovered late in the history of chemistry, the last one being discovered in 1947. Another reason for the late discovery is that it’s difficult to separate them from each other. For instance, when Praseodymium and Neodymium were discovered, they were seen as one element that got the name of Dymium. It’s a peculiar “coincidence” that the discoverer gave the “element” the name dymium, which means twins, because his wife had just given birth to twins.

Secret homeopathic remedies
As a homeopath one might think that the Lanthanides will be needed but seldom. My experience is the opposite. I use them more often than for instance Aurum, Iodum and Sulphur. The more I’ve got to know them the more I’ve used them and this process is still going on. This is very typical and in contrast with a lot of other groups that I discovered, where the limits of their use were encountered relatively quickly.
One reason for their extensive use is that they are elements, not just something in nature. Nature has produced about 100 elements and the Lanthanides are 14 of them, a significant part. Another reason is that the Lanthanides are really remedies of this time. Themes like autonomy, individualism, creativity, personal development, freedom, self determination are themes of the Lanthanides and of this era. The Lanthanides help people who have got stuck in the process of developing their autonomy and personal, spiritual development. Modern trends like personal career planning and "éducation permanente" fit in with the Lanthanides. People are more determined to find out for themselves want they want. They look on the internet about diseases, checking what the doctors have told them. They want to live their own life. They use drugs to enter and discover their inner world. They follow alternative therapies that help them to discover themselves and the origin of their diseases and problems.
The Lanthanides are also becoming more and more used in our daily equipment. They are indispensable in electro-magnetic equipment like tiny electric motors. Their qualities of light, a form of electro-magnetic wave, and colors make them indispensable for color television, computers and CD’s. They abound everywhere in our modern, highly specialised equipment.

New diseases, new remedies
Every new remedy makes the cure of some old stubborn kind of disease possible. Some diseases that seemed incurable, suddenly become curable with a new remedy. That’s also to be expected from the law of similars. This law states that every disease can only be cured with a similar remedy. And as every remedy will have its own disease picture, it can only cure that disease picture. In this sense I’ve departed from the old “polychrest” thinking. Apart from the fact that it wasn't very appealing to me, I never had very good results with them in the sense of “polychrest”. Most “polychrests” like Sulphur are prescribed by me very seldom, no more frequently in fact than any other remedy. The broad, very extended picture of those polychrests has been limited to a small, precise picture, where they will act nicely, according to my experience.

Lanthanides are homeopathic
A relatively big proportion of the clientele of homeopaths are Lanthanides. Lanthanides are independent, wishing to find their own way. They don’t follow the rules of regular medicine, especially when it cannot help them. Secondly they have an aversion to doctors, because they violate their autonomy and the integrity of their body. And thirdly many of the Lanthanides have an inner knowing that disease comes from the inside, that the physical symptoms are just expressions and not the problem itself. All these features fit and make them feel more at ease with homeopathy than regular medicine. On the other hand it often makes them not very loyal. Once helped they don’t come back, sometimes not even for the first follow-up. Why should they when they feel cured? They also want to see results, and when symptoms stay away, they also stay away. On the other hand they can stay with the homeopath for years once they understand the searching process of homeopathy.