Jan Scholten

2.1 Differential Diagnosis

Stages 3 till 17
The various Lanthanides belong to Stage 3 till 17. It is as if the successive elements are a subdivision of Stage 3. The pattern of division into Stages is repeated as a subdivision of Stage 3 of the Lanthanides. It’s like fractals in chaos theory, a pattern is repeated at different levels, in many scales.

DD Stage 3
Both have trying, searching, experiment. The Lanthanides all have aspects of Stage 3. In the Lanthanides it’s connected with power, self-control and proving themselves.

DD Stage 6
The Lanthanides have aspects of Stage 6. Their task is difficult and they need a lot of courage to do it. It’s not easy to conquer the powers of the soul, the shadow. And they have to do it on their own, isolated from society, in a way hidden, all aspects of Stage 6. The Gold series and as such the Lanthanides too are series 6 and have similarities with Stage 6. The number 6 in the process of 7 stages has the specific meaning of power, fulfillment.

DD Carbon series
The Carbon series develop their ego, but don’t question or control it. They just are themselves. The Lanthanides have to think about themselves and withdraw their ego from their emotions and thoughts, in a way releasing, transcending their ego.
In the Carbon series people feel good or bad. In the Lanthanides they have a bad part, a shadow, that they try to overcome and control. In the Carbon series there is also more the theme of self-worth, whereas in the Lanthanides it’s more the theme of self-control.

DD Iron series
They are similar in work and doing things for others. They are opposite in how they handle the opinion of others. For the Iron series, the opinion of others is crucial. For the Lanthanides, that opinion is irrelevant, maybe a hindrance or something unpleasant, but not anything that really matters. Another difference is in power. The Iron series is controlled by laws, kings, rulers and others. The Lanthanides are or try to be only controlled by themselves. The Iron series just do normal work. The Lanthanides have to perform Herculean tasks.

DD Silver series
They are similar in creativity, ambition and reflection. The difference is that the Silver series is more outward oriented, more extroverted: they want to shine and make a performance. The Lanthanides are more introverted, are more concerned about themselves and their inner world. The Silver series want to conquer the world, the Lanthanides want to conquer themselves and their inner powers. As a therapist the Silver series can reflect on the patient. The Lanthanides have to go to the same inner place as the patient and reflect from there, they are more shamanistic. The Silver series are more concerned with knowledge, the Lanthanides more with self knowledge.

DD Gold series
They have in common the themes of power, vision and sexuality. The Gold series have to apply power in the world, they are the real managers and leaders. The Lanthanides have mostly an aversion to becoming a manager, for they want to control themselves, not others. It is as if the Lanthanides first have to learn to control themselves before they're allowed to control others. They have to prove that they're worthy of the leadership.

DD Asteraceae (= Compositae)
The Asteraceae have the same theme of autonomy; this is also reflected in the theme of vaccination problems, their aversion to doctors and intrusions. The typical fever and influenza of the Asteraceae is not often seen in the Lanthanides.

DD Birds
They have the desire for freedom and overview in common. The Lanthanides don't have the theme of caring for the family that the birds have.

Table: DD Series, in way learning and way of being
Series Learning Be
Hydrogen series Just experience Just be
Carbon series Nature Me
Silicon series Family Family member
Iron series School Community member
Silver series University, Radio, TV Idea bringer
Lanthanides Internet Self
Gold series World member