Jan Scholten

Autonomy is a the central theme. They want to be their own boss, their own law, auto-nomos. They want to determine and lead their own life, go their own way, have and make their own opinions. They cannot stand being dominated, dictated to, being taken over, manipulated and ruled. They want to be independent and free. They hate being limited and being dependent. Self is another expression of this desire for autonomy. They want to do things themselves, control themselves, determine themselves.

Inner world
After they’ve mastered control over their own life in the outer world, they discover that it is worth nothing if their psyche is controlled by emotions, instincts, beliefs and norms and values of their culture or family. They want to find out what is going on inside of them and want to control that too. They search in their psyche and often encounter their dark side, their “shadow” as Jung called it. They want to find out about the good and the bad. They want to understand the ego and the Self. They are seekers, searchers after the truth, the reality of the world and their own being. It’s like a quest, a quest for truth and freedom. As such, they often become professional researchers. The word deep is often used as it expresses their desire to go to essence, the core of their being. They are averse to superficial things and talk. They are often reserved and isolated. They feel misunderstood, a bit of an outsider from superficial society. They can live a hidden and secret life. Their search for spiritual values makes them not understood by society and this makes them loners. They are very honest people, searching for truth, depth, the real thing.

They feel responsible for themselves. They try to look at themselves for the problem and solution. They stop projecting problems on to the outside world, stop blaming others. They feel responsible for the world, having plans to make it a better world. They are very humanitarian with an inclination to serve society.
There is a humanitarian quality arising. They feel responsible for themselves and as such cannot blame others anymore. It comes from their reflective quality, seeing their inner own demons, which makes projecting problematic and later impossible.

Powerful, concentrated, focused, strong mind and concentration, powerful imagination.
Reflection, reflective, two level thinking, precocious, wise, sophisticated.
Sensitive, bright, precocious, alert, watchful; big wide open eyes.
They can have a strong sexuality.
Words: deep, light, dark, tense, heavy.
Desire: autonomy, freedom, independence, space, self-control, overview.
Desire: spirituality, wisdom, enlightenment, truth, honesty; Freethinker, secularist, anarchist, Freemason.
Aversion: doctors, operations, injections, vaccinations, medications.
Aversion: domination, school, rules, power, heavy tasks, arrogance, high places.
Aversion: superficiality, banality; hypocrisy, dishonesty, lies; gossip, small talk, parties, socialising, receptions.
Aversion: being manager or leader.
Theme: light and dark; vision; colour; shadow.
Theme: birds, wings, flying, birds of prey, eagle, vulture, hawk.
Theme: cats and dogs; high places, falling; persecuted; corkscrews, spiraling motion.
Theme: autonomy; self; own; self control, power.
Theme: deep; responsibility; heavy.
Profession: own business; psychotherapist, homeopath; inventors, researchers, scientists.
Colour preference: blue, purple, light, all colours; indecisive over colours.

Type: big eyes, long neck.
Sensation: tense !!, heavy, electrified.
Weather: chilly; ! -> sun, <- grey and cloudy weather.
Desire: ! cannabis, marijuana; alcohol, drugs; meat.
Food: > marijuana !; drugs.
Sleep: -> plenty of sleep.
Physical: < electromagnetic fields: televisions, mobile phones, computers.
Physical: << vaccination, domination.

General: immune system: allergies, AIDS, vaccinosis; auto-immune diseases, rheumatic diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, Multiple sclerosis, Sjögren’s syndrome, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, juvenile diabetes.
Nervous: cerebral palsy, brain diseases and haemorrhage, brain infarction, apoplexy.
Head: headache, migraine.
Eyes: vision.
Eyes: problems.
Genital: problems.