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A remedy of Lauraceae
For those of you who love the tales of weird and unusual remedies here’s another case that is rather pleasing.

This lady who is about 45 and  I have been treating for a few years has done really well on a number of remedies. The most resistant part of her case has been Hashimoto’s since having her dream of being a pilot thwarted several years ago (I gave her a remedy of Uranium series which did well for a while but then she ‘crashed’ again after a couple of months). I hadn’t taken on board that she also has flooding periods which drain her and before them she gets grumpy to the point of rage and rejects her young child. Our last session was very emotional for her as she told me tearfully about her brother who was the ‘golden boy’ and she didn’t get enough positive attention from her parents or was beaten for his misdemeanours. She was still very resentful of him.

So I decided to see the case through Scholten’s plant theory. I decided that all the tearfulness meant she was still stuck in a child state (or carbon series: 622). But which family? Well, the desire to do well academically is part of the Laurales family picture. Interestingly she loves the remedy of Lauraceae which is in that family and I could have given remedy of Lauraceae which suffers from flooding periods. But I was drawn to the American relative: a remedy of Lauraceae, about which we know precious little (except through Scholten’s picture). Scholten had a case on in which the patient actually uses the term ‘golden boy’ when talking about her brother who she resented. Bingo! Last weekend she took a 1M of California Bay Laurel and the next day she had an outburst towards her daughter. She told me her period was due this week. So I waited anxiously to see how she would be. Today I received the following text from my patient: 

"Period is reduced, not at all painful and without any of the normal side effects. No grumpiness and none of the dreaded fatigue. Normally my body feels non operative for two days, totally drained and needing one or two nights of 12 hours sleep. So far - none of it. Fingers crossed!” 

I’m hoping this remedy works deep enough to reach the Hashimoto’s too. Time will tell. But feeling quite chuffed today!

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